Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Mother's Day Loot

I wanted to post this earlier than a week after the official Mother's Day but I am a stay at home mom and my "bonbons" were very taxing on my time! LOL! Anyway, I had a beautiful Mother's Day which started on Saturday instead on Sunday. Jackson and Gavin couldn't wait to give me the cards they made for me at school. Jackson said he had worked on it for 3 days and after reading what he had written I could tell by what he thanked me for what day it was. I didn't know he paid that much attention to what I do and it was nice to know that when he stopped to think about it he did really pay attention. Gavin's card was a bunny that you unrolled that said he loved me "this much" when the bunnies arms were opened. It wouldn't stay unrolled so it's not in the picture. Brenden colored the envelope to the card that Ken had picked out for me. The loot was plentiful: the kitchen was closed all meals were not made by me, the chairs on the deck match the birthday lounge chair, the purple Hydrangea from Ken is beautiful, and the cards from the boys are in a safe place for years to come.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our first pitcher

Baseball season is upon us. We have two boys on two different leagues and on different nights so needless to say we are at the ball field a lot during the week. Jackson's team the Royals had their second game tonight. They don't have many kids interested in pitching and at the beginning of practice a month ago Jackson made it clear to me that he didn't want to pitch. No problem you don't have to. During practices he would play catcher which I found ironical since he didn't want to get hit by a pitch but didn't mind standing behind them?! He is played catcher the first game and really enjoyed it much to my surprise. Tonight was another surprise for me as well. It's the last inning and they need a kid to pitch. Jackson said the coach came up to him and said "Jackson, I hear you want to try pitching. Do you want to pitch?" Jackson took the mound! I was stunned for the first few pitches and very impressed with how well he did. He has some heat behind the ball and was pretty accurate. He struck out one player and didn't hit anyone. ( That's great for never pitching before) I think he loved it. I hope he continues to get excited about baseball. It's fun to see him get pumped up.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Here's your birthday cake, Mommy."

(Warning: another sappy post)
I was determined to clean my house today. Usually I spend all my time "straightening up" but today I needed to do that and actually clean. I went room by room putting things away in their proper places all the while trying to keep Brenden from making another mess. I got to the living room where he had his blocks out for the past 2 days. I was ready to vacuum but they were in the way. I asked Brenden to pick up the blocks and put them into the box. A few minutes later I see him playing with them and again I ask him to put them into the box. I go to clean something else and he now has the blocks all over the lid of the box. At this point I get annoyed with the fact that there are still blocks all over the floor (hindsight: they didn't all fit on the lid). I tell him again to "PUT THE BLOCKS IN THE BOX!" I resume doing whatever it was that I was doing. Now, the only thing left to do is vacuum and Brenden comes over to me with the lid full of blocks stacked on it and says,
"Here's your birthday cake, Mommy." I instantly say thank you and burst into tears followed by Brenden's reaction:
"Don't cry,Mommy"
"I sorry"
All of this coming out of a pouty lip and tears in his eyes. I tried to explain that Mommy isn't sad and that he didn't do anything wrong. He gave me a huge hug and sat in my lap for awhile. I felt terrible. He had been so good the whole time I cleaned the house and pushed him off to play alone. I needed that reminder from God that this age and time and place won't come around again. My dirty house will be the same dirty house tomorrow and probably the next day but my little guy won't be the same little guy tomorrow. Just another whack over the head for me again. I wonder if God's hand ever gets sore from all the times he has to whack me over the head?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Generations of Mothers

Hazel Lillian Heidenreich Winter, Mardell Elsa Winter Franke, Janay Lynn Guptill Brewer. Three hands, three women, three generations. Our family has always commented on each others hands. I don't know why. My Grandma, Hazel, always had long fingernails and polish on them. For many years there was a cigarette held loosely between them. Many times there was a needle, thread and plastic canvas in her hands making refrigerator magnets, kleenex box covers or saying to hang on the wall. My mom, Mardell, always has something going on with her hands too. If she isn't talking with them she's cutting someone's hair, making craft projects or cooking with them. Now, as the last generation of Heidenreich women, I think about what things have been passed down by using our hands. I continue on the craftiness, the cooking, talking with my hands and I am trying to add gardening to the list. The whole genetic make up can really be noticed when you look at our hands and what we do with them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Middle Child

I am a middle child. I always hated being a middle child. I said I wasn't going to have an odd numbered family because I didn't want there to be a middle child. I have an odd numbered family and I have a middle child and he is showing how he hates to be the middle child. I should have sympathy for my middle child. I should have empathy for my middle child. I am feeling very guilty about my mothering skills toward my middle child.
My middle child is very passionate about his friends, his toys, his time, his view of the rules, his food, and his life. Passionate doesn't always mean a positive thing but passionate is the only way to describe it. When he loves someone he loves them completely, when he is mad about something or at someone everyone knows it. Is he feeling left out? Yes. Is he feeling like he's not ever going to be first at anything? Yes. Does he drive me crazy trying to explain these things to him? Yes.
Do I think he's the best hugger? Yes. Do I think one day he is going to be the most loyal friend, husband, brother in the whole wide world? Yes. Do I think he needs my attention more than the rest of them? Yes Do I think God blessed me with him to teach me a lesson about compassion and loving unconditionally? Yes, yes and another Yes! Did God know I needed that? Of course He did! Love you, G'Man!