Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fall Fun

Just in the nick of time we got a chance to get pumpkins and enjoy the fall weather. We went to my favorite pumpkin patch and the boys immediately headed for the hay stacks so they could jump and run on the top of them. We opted out of the corn maze this year since previous years were not successful and spent the majority of our time on the bales. Even Ken couldn't be outdone by the boys and took a leap across the bales. He landed safe and sound for an "old man". The highlight, in my opinion, this year was going to an adult Halloween party. After much stressing over what to wear (since I was not into scantly covered costumes) we settled on the 20's flapper and mob boss get-up. I think I missed the mark and was born 70 years to late because I loved the attitude you get when you put on a flapper dress. Anyone up for some Charleston?


I always laugh when it's time to carve pumpkins for Halloween at our house. I have boys. Boys like to play with weird things like sticks and mud pies, sand and dirt. However, in our house when it is time to play with the inners of a pumpkin they freak and squirm, complain that it's slimy and gross. I usually end up taking the inners out myself most years but this year I was down to only 2 out of 3. You guess who was brave enough to do by their self.

B turns 4

Brenden couldn't wait to have a Party. He had been patiently waiting through Jackson's birthday and Mom's birthday and Dad's birthday and Gavin's Birthday and he kept asking when was his party. Finally, October 14 came and he could have his party. He was very specific in what he wanted on his cake and at his party. He wanted balloons for decorations and balloons on his cake. They couldn't be any color either. Their had to be a red one, blue one, green one and a yellow one. Lots of people too. So we invited the kids from the 'hood and got all his requests in line. Mac and Cheese, Hotdogs and chips with juice boxes to drink rounded out the festivities and Brenden had a blast. Even his best girl, Kiana, came to wish him a happy birthday.

I have never been to a football game in a stadium. Either had anyone else in our family for that matter. Gavin had been asking to go to a Hawkeye football game for 2 years but tickets are not always that easy or cheap to come by. So I put it off for as long as I could and then I asked about tickets on Facebook and low and behold a friend at work had won tickets that they couldn't use. Hand them over. We will take them off your hands so they don't go to waste.
I was a great day... except the weather. We rode the train into the Kinnick then walked around looking at all the crazy tailgaters and walked around the stadium a little more. Our seats were in the end zone so we had a great view of the game and since they won, witnessing the touchdowns first hand were truly my favorite thing. Gavin had fun, too. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Filling Time

I need to find something to do when I need to stay up in order to take a nap tomorrow. Confusing situation for most to understand unless you work the night shift like I do. I have been off for the last 6 nights but it has taken me almost all of those nights to figure out how to sleep at night and not the day time. Except for tonight. Tonight I need to stay awake for a while so I can take a nap from 12 to 4 tomorrow so I can then be awake until 8am the next day. Make sense yet?
Anyway... I thought I would blog again on these hours that I need to fill. I think I will start tonight with adding some long over due photos to this blog showing people that even if you don't see much of me anymore the boys still have lives. (You can do the matching)
Jackson's 10th birthday
Me with Makayla a few weeks after she was born
Ken and Jackson trying on some big panties at Christy's to-be-in-laws house
Christy and Ken and kids in Moline, IL father's day weekend

School is In Session!

A fifth grader, a second grader and a preschooler woke up one morning...

Summer 2010

So, I went back to work in May and most of the summer was a blur to me but I think I caught some of it on film somehow. Trip to the Zoo. Gavin with his XBox for his birthday. Weekend trip to Chicago.