Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Let it begin!

Well, it's now 12/30/2009 and only a few more hours left to 2009. I am looking forward to 2010 with anticipation of new habits, new attitudes and new adventures. The holidays always make me a little sentimental, a little sad from missing family that isn't close to us, and can really put me in a funk thinking that the funk I am in is how it always is. Not really the case after I did a quick review of 2009. The year was good to us and we to it! From reconnecting with old friends to family outings making memories for the kids and a once in a life time vacation out west. I must say it was filled.
Our last few months haven't been as exciting as the first 9 months with Ken working close to 60 hours a week and me not finding a job in my field but I am thinking that maybe it's time to venture out beyond the breakers of "safe" water and attack this new phase with extra ambition and wide eyes. I am challenging myself to create new lifelong habits with a positive-can-do attitude and look at life as an adventure not a walk in a dark, damp cave. So here's to 2010, LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

christmas Pictures 2009

Christmas 2009

My heart wasn't in IT this Christmas at times and my camera wasn't either. Sorry! I took a few pictures of the kids opening gifts from the extended family. Ken dug out our old video camera and recorded "Santa" gifts so no camera for those! Oops! If I figure out how to upload from the camera l'll put it on here someday. I included some pics of just everyday stuff too since it's been soooooooo long since I've updated. Enjoy them! Gift opening in above post by itself.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have been in a bit of "grinch-mode" for a long time now. Christmas as our society of greed makes it is not my favorite holiday. I always dreamed of having a Christmas of giving but not one of "monetary-store-bought-gota-have -the- latest-fad presents". I would like a Christmas that epitomizes what God did when he sent his Son to Earth to save us from most importantly ourselves! What does that Christmas look like? For me it would look like me emptying out my pockets, the car ash tray and the bottom of my purse of any change that has sat there for months never being touched to put it into the red bucket for those who need a hand up. It's looks like standing in a soup kitchen line serving food to anyone who is there because of whatever there circumstance is. It looks like me looking at my life and realizing that it's not about what I have or don't have, it's not about what someone did to me, it's not about being stressed over the ways of this world so much that I don't see the good in what I have at this very second. I want my Christmas to be different than the norm. Did I make it that way this year? Not really. Do I need to change that for next year? Yes, but I think really I need to change it so that every day is not about the "gotta-have-it" mentality. Here's to a new year and a new day to change the way it has been. Bring it on, please!