Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Full of Tricks

Brenden is going to be the text book baby of the family; always getting a laugh out of the crowd! He loves to play around and do funny things and Ken decided after finding a few pacifiers to see how many could fit in Brenden's little mouth. Three fit but he was laughing too hard to keep them all in!(let's not give him too many ideas) I love it when he makes us laugh.

Rite of Passage

The first picture is a one of many firsts in our house lately. The night before Gavin's big event the boys ended up sleeping in the same bed. Has the brother bond turned a corner? I sure hope so. Gavin has now joined the few but proud in the Brewer family to have gone under the big "lights" of the operating room and come back with two less organs. Gavin had his tonsils and adenoids removed! Because Gavin is such an over the top kind of kid he also got to take home the first ever award for "Tubes in His Ears" as well! We are all praying that this surgery will improve his hearing so we can all stop repeating ourselves and talking loud. Gavin took his buddy "Camo" along and of course he needed some O.R. attire on as well! The road to recovery was a little bumpy but I think it was for the best!