Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am a little slow in posting and was informed of my slacking by my sister who will be learning in May 2010 what it's like to never get things started and finished in a normal timeframe! The boys costumes were not really on my radar screen since October blew by this house like the wind. The weekend before, Ken took Gavin and Brenden to get there scary attire! (Jackson was hanging out with the Swine- flu that is) Those of you who know Ken sending him to any store is not a safe thing on our checking account! But... he always makes sure the purchases are the best!
It was no surprise that Gavin came home with Boba Fett as Starwars is ranked 1 or 2 on his favorites list.
Jackson had asked for some sort of Zombie and of course Ken delivered!
Brenden, in my mind was going to be Alfalfa from the Little Rascals because his hair still sticks up but maybe next year. Brenden found a boxer costume that he loved and so it was! Brenden "sugar ray" Brewer.
We carved pumpkins again and Jackson did a great job carving his own this year. I handed out all of the candy I bought and the boys filled it right back up with all the candy the got! Now to try and get those Christmas lists figured out! UGGH!

Jackson as the skeleton zombie and his two friends the surgeon and the patient!

Boba and the Boxer