Friday, October 16, 2009

A moment of Zen

The boys were all having good days and playing together didn't seem to be a problem. (that's the Zen part) They were playing with all the stuffed animals we have and then they got my camera. A few poses, funny faces and what looks like a lot of laughs were had by all. (I found them on the camera later) And then... someone took someone else's animal. There went the moment.

Watch out Bob and Mandy here come the Brewer Boys

The boys got bit by the building bug. They wanted to saw, hammer and/or screw something together in the worst way. Enter Daddy. He has more coffee cans full of screws and nails than Bob the Builder and Handy Mandy put together. So with safety instructions from Dad and ear plugs in mom's ears they started building away. Add a few neighbor kids to the mix and I can start promoting them as the next HGTV home improvement show.


Those are the words from Brenden these days. Hard to believe it's been three years since B was born. He's the only one that didn't wait to the day before his due date and he's been surprising us every since! It's so much fun to just watch him pick up new tricks and his vocabulary cracks me up. He definitely picks up all the bad things that people say in our house. Things like "whatever" and "What-the-heck" are cute coming from a 3 year old but I know soon (like tomorrow) those phrases will have to leave his vocabulary. Brenden is funny, lovable (mostly to his mommy) and loves his big brothers as long as they don't play with a toy he had, wants or just put down. He knows how to hold is own with them when he has too which will lead to many times for me to be the referee and break it up.
He got in his head that he wanted a T-Rex birthday cake so of course it had to be. He loved to tell anyone he could about the T-Rex monster. With claws up and teeth out he'd roar and pretend to be the monster. He didn't eat the cake with a T-Rex fight but the ice cream was gone in a second.
The most touching part was that the boys decided they wanted to give him a gift and since I didn't take them shopping they decided to give him something of their own that he would like. (Re-gifting what an original idea) Jackson wrapped up a dinosaur book and Gavin wrapped up two Transformer books, a big sacrifice. Brenden loved opening up the gifts from the boys!