Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Track and Field

Every year the school has each "Team" have a track and field day. The day was beautiful. A little sun, a little breeze, and a lot of competition. Each boy got assigned to a team for tug-o-war. I am not too sure they looked at who they put on the teams because there was a big size team that was hard to beat. Jackson and his team used all there might and gave each team a good fight. Although, I don't think it will be a favorite event for most of the boys on his team.

Skip School for Adventure Land!?

We made our annual trip to Adventure Land a few weeks ago. We usually try to go the weekend before Memorial Day to avoid the crowds some but with scheduling conflicts it didn't work. Our "Adventure Land" friends suggested taking the kids out of school on Friday before Memorial Day and going then. I didn't know if Ken could get off but he did and so I officially let our kids skip school to go play for the day! If I was a serious educationally minded mom I would have turned the whole thing into a physics lesson or math lesson full of "what ifs?" and "if than" statements but because I am not the afore mentioned I did not. WE PLAYED! With so much playing my camera stayed in my purse for most of the day! Most of the pictures I did take are of Brenden since he was with me a lot. The above picture is from the train ride that Brenden had to go on. He wanted it to go faster the whole time! Jackson was kind enough to let Brenden fly the dragon. Gavin loves the roller coasters and I can't get pictures of him when they go so fast!