Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Block

Earlier this summer we had our first annual BLOCK PARTY! The cul-du-sac was blocked off, the tables were set up, the grill master's took their places and the kids were ready for some serious play time! It was a great party getting to know the neighbors. In this fast paced world it is nice to know that good old fashion friendships can be found in our 'hood.

School Days

It feels like it starts earlier every year but this year it was a double start! The boys were very excited and eager to start school. Jackson kept asking when he could go to school so he could do some math problems. He is now a big 3rd grader with a new teacher, new classroom and a locker for his things.
Gavin,now a kindergardner,was anxious to meet his teacher and was so excited when he got the same one that his big brother had. He really enjoys school and is pretty tired by the end of the day. He even walked to his own line on the 3rd day of school. I guess they are all spreading their wings and flying just like they are supposed to.

Happy Birthday Gavin

I am now the mom of 2 school age children! Where has the time gone? Gavin had 2 parties this year: one in Florida with some family and one with his friends here. It was his first friend party and they had a blast. Lots of water sliding, water balloons, food and laughter. I am so excited and anxious to see what Gavin does in life and all the fun he has living it! Happy Birthday G man!