Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We spent our Spring Break in Iowa! What!? You said I live in Iowa? Yes, I know but we've been here almost 5 years and hadn't seen much of any of it's tourist spots or local flair. (yes, it has a little of that)
The weather was awesome the majority of the week so we spent everyday outside enjoying the no jacket required, warm weather. The trampoline got it's spring back and if it could talk it would have complained about some serious aches and pains. The middle of the week I took the boys to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. Great Fun! The fish tanks were probably Brenden's favorite, the water erosion demonstration was Jackson's and Gavin got to pet a Sturgeon and a live crayfish tail. We took our neighbor friend with us so I didn't have to be the only girl on the trip! We ate at the refurbished train depot and stopped at McDonald's play place on the way back to burn off some extra energy from the ice cream and shakes!
Our next outing was to Des Moines for the whole clan, Daddy too! We explained that we were going to return them all (the kids) to their native homeland just like on Madagascar II but Jackson and Gavin didn't buy it. Brenden would have stayed all day playing with the sheep and goats! We also check out the Science Museum and need to go back to enjoy more of the place. We saw an IMAX film about the creatures of the ocean and built and shot a rocket ship, built a dam, raced a car, kept a ball in the air, and dropped a fake egg without cracking it! Ken and Gavin scored great on that one!
Although there were no sandy beaches, sunburn cheeks, or hanging out with cousins, overall, I would say Iowa is a great Spring Break destination!


On your mark, get set, GO!

Now Brenden's a monkey!

The Boys are having a frog race!

I watch these really easy kids once a week and Brenden loves to have some little kid play time! Sometimes I realize that people have their children this close in age! Fun for a day but not me! God knew what he was planning! Doesn't He always!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Latest Project

An idea adapted from my friend who is more talented than Martha Stewart. check out her blog at

Our renewed guest/computer room. Seems more like a wedding rhyme:
something old: the comforter from Ken's bed when he had an apartment while contracting
something new: the pillows
something barrowed: the wall art idea
something blue: which wall would you like to pick?

Thanksgiving until now

So I needed to get caught up and I realize I skipped these important activities but I was so caught up in the fun we had the last month that I needed to let you all know about it first. So now get ready to go back in time! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, your getting a heavy sensation over your eyelids now pretend it's November and the leaves have fallin' and the turkey is in the oven and the first few days of cold winter weather are in the air! Aren't you glad you're just pretending it's November!? Enjoy the video of Thanksgiving until now!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bedroom Breakfast

okay this is a terrible picture and the top part is the menu given to us for the next days meal.

Here's how it started:
Jackson: "Mom can you be sick on Saturday?"
Mom: "I could try but I don't know if I can just be sick when you want me to be. Why Saturday?"
Jackson: "' cause I want to make you breakfast in bed."
Mom: "I could be sick all day if you want to make me breakfast in bed! You could make all my meals on Saturday and bring them to me in bed if you want to."
I left it at that not thinking any more about it but was very touched by the thought. It wasn't even Mother's Day or my birthday. Fast forward to Saturday morning. The kids are up and Ken was all ready awake doing homework. I hear Ken remind Jackson that "mommy is looking forward to breakfast in bed." Jackson says, "but she's still asleep." "Well, I think she'll wake up if you bring her breakfast," coming from a wise father.
In comes the waiter named Jackson requesting my order and promptly comes back with it all ready served in a 9X13 pan. Can we say Mommy needs a tray? The breakfast was just what I wanted and the first time ever served by one of my sons. Is this what they mean when they say mothers and sons have a special bond? He offered to make breakfast on Sunday and even gave me a coupon for 100% off. Daddy only got one for 99% off! Am I special or what?