Friday, March 19, 2010

More Break Pictures

Spring... BREAK!

I plan! I look at the calendar months in advance and I plan! I plan the doctors' appointments, the grocery store, the birthday party, the Wild West Vacation! I know how to do that! I don't know how to let someone else plan! It's our Spring Break and all things are pointing to staying home: tailbone pain, bad behavior from children, rationing of money, no request put in for Ken to take days off... you get the point?
Ken doesn't always plan but he does like adventure and this winter the adventure was skiing and snowboarding! Ken says "WE ARE HAVING A SPRING BREAK" despite the above mentioned! Ken will have to plan it! And... he did!
We went to Wausau, Wi to Granite Peak Ski Resort to ski and snowboard! ALL OF US!
Ken and Gavin snowboarded, Jackson and I skied for the most part! Brenden took a class at the ski school and did great! I never would have thought that a product of my genes would snow ski at the age of 3 but Brenden did and did it well! (Must be the Brewer gene or the one that I carry and don't use!)
I managed to sit on a ski lift without inflicting more tailbone pain and only fell once, forward of course to prevent further injury to my backside. Gavin was totally excited about learning how to stay upright and turn on his toes and his heels. He even managed to get a little "air" coming down the hill a time or two. Jackson tried the board a few times but really just likes to go flying down the mountain on skis. I think Ken wanted to stay until every last pile of snow had melted. Strange for a Florida native! Brenden loved the attention from his instructors and enjoyed making snowballs as much as he enjoyed ducking under the arch on his skis.
I don't plan action packed trips but I am glad Ken did!