Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hair Fix

After exploiting my child to numerous photos and phone calls telling people to look at the pictures on the blog I decided something should be done to remedy the disaster before the day ended. Thankfully I live by a beautician and although it's not my mom anymore it's great that B is comfortable with Nancy fixing his hair. I think Grandma would have cried the whole time if she would have been the one giving him a new "do". The minute the clippers past the first swipe I thought he looked just like his cousin Mark. Here I thought he was more from my side than Ken's. Pray that it grows fast or I am afraid his head will freeze this winter. He doesn't have enough fat to keep it warm. I thought I would include a picture to show that he's not getting into trouble all the time.

school party and parade

I helped out with the Halloween party for Gavin's class this year and made a stuff the scarecrow game for the kids to play. It was fun to see all the costumes and watch the kids parade through the gym. Just a few photos Gavin aka Batman, Jackson aka a Viking minus the horned hat!


The fun on trick or treating. Jackson and a friend from class got way too much and I had to take a huge bucket to work to get rid of it! Could we just make it the 6th food group?

When will I learn? or alternate title do not leave children unattended

You would think after 3 boys, being a mom for 8 1/2 years, and just the nature and history of Brenden I would learn to know where he is at all times and SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND ME ALWAYS! Well, I haven't learned it yet. The only thing I have learned is to keep the camera close to me. Enjoy the latest Brendenism via photography!.