Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Baby is ONE!

"Time travels fast" is not a new thought but it sure has hit home in the last week pretty hard for us. Brenden turned one on the 14th and has been showing us how big he is ever since. I can remember like it was yesterday the delivery, coming home and the first few weeks of getting into a "routine". Brenden still isn't a child that needs a rigid schedule he just changes his needs to fit into the groove of the day. He's fun and funny and I have a feeling he's going to talk our ears off sooner than the rest. He is trying hard to stay up right while he wanders through the house and he figured out how to move his little scooter next to the couch to climb up and enjoy the view from the top of the mountain! I guess the monkeys in his room are giving him all sorts of ideas!

Blog band wagon

I am not a trend setter so it comes to no surprise that I jumped on this "blog band wagon". I know it will improve my skills on the computer and be my excuse for when the house is a mess! I hope that those who read this find themselves one more place to feel like they can relate and for our family in other places of the US to keep up with our activities. Enjoy the insight and our bumpy, fun ride.