Monday, January 10, 2011

Filling Time

I need to find something to do when I need to stay up in order to take a nap tomorrow. Confusing situation for most to understand unless you work the night shift like I do. I have been off for the last 6 nights but it has taken me almost all of those nights to figure out how to sleep at night and not the day time. Except for tonight. Tonight I need to stay awake for a while so I can take a nap from 12 to 4 tomorrow so I can then be awake until 8am the next day. Make sense yet?
Anyway... I thought I would blog again on these hours that I need to fill. I think I will start tonight with adding some long over due photos to this blog showing people that even if you don't see much of me anymore the boys still have lives. (You can do the matching)
Jackson's 10th birthday
Me with Makayla a few weeks after she was born
Ken and Jackson trying on some big panties at Christy's to-be-in-laws house
Christy and Ken and kids in Moline, IL father's day weekend

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