Thursday, January 13, 2011

B turns 4

Brenden couldn't wait to have a Party. He had been patiently waiting through Jackson's birthday and Mom's birthday and Dad's birthday and Gavin's Birthday and he kept asking when was his party. Finally, October 14 came and he could have his party. He was very specific in what he wanted on his cake and at his party. He wanted balloons for decorations and balloons on his cake. They couldn't be any color either. Their had to be a red one, blue one, green one and a yellow one. Lots of people too. So we invited the kids from the 'hood and got all his requests in line. Mac and Cheese, Hotdogs and chips with juice boxes to drink rounded out the festivities and Brenden had a blast. Even his best girl, Kiana, came to wish him a happy birthday.

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