Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fall Fun

Just in the nick of time we got a chance to get pumpkins and enjoy the fall weather. We went to my favorite pumpkin patch and the boys immediately headed for the hay stacks so they could jump and run on the top of them. We opted out of the corn maze this year since previous years were not successful and spent the majority of our time on the bales. Even Ken couldn't be outdone by the boys and took a leap across the bales. He landed safe and sound for an "old man". The highlight, in my opinion, this year was going to an adult Halloween party. After much stressing over what to wear (since I was not into scantly covered costumes) we settled on the 20's flapper and mob boss get-up. I think I missed the mark and was born 70 years to late because I loved the attitude you get when you put on a flapper dress. Anyone up for some Charleston?

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